Monday, July 16, 2012

What It Means To Be A Black Belt....

     I recently finished an article that I wrote for BJJWEEKLY.COM , on what it means to be a Black Belt. I asked several BJJ Black Belts to finish a sentence for me..."Being a Black Belt means...." The responses could have been from a Black Belt in almost ANY martial art as the message seems to transcend styles. I thought that it was interesting to see the responses that people gave and how similar some of them were. Here is a link to the article…

     I know the amount of work it took me to finally advance the ranks and I remember the sheer joy and relief when I actually received my Black Belt.  It turned out to be a new beginning…Martial arts and in particular Jiu Jitsu has been a blessing in my life and a source of pride and accomplishment. I feel it’s really important to strive for the highest ranks that one could achieve and to do so requires learning from those who have been there and taking their knowledge and wisdom to heart.

Tim Bruce taken at Photoshoot during 2012 Jiu Jitsu World Championships
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