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Hormone Therapy and Optimal Physical Performance for BJJ Athletes in Jupiter, Florida at NovaGenix

Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics in Palm Beach County Offer Athletes Help in Recovery and Building Muscle.

NovaGenix Anti Aging and Hormone Replacement Programs in Jupiter, Florida Assist Athletes in South Florida

TRT and HRT anti Aging in Jupiter at NovaGenix PRP injection and stem cells

What are Anti Aging Clinics?

     As athletes are continuing to push the limits as to what we think is physically possible, we're constantly looking for ways to evolve medicine to help benefit their performance with honest, ethical and clinically sound medicine to make male and female athletes, bigger, stronger and faster. NovaGenix Anti Aging and Hormone Therapy in Jupiter, Florida is a medical clinic that helps athletes balance their hormones and offers therapeutic TRT programs, and sports nutrition and hormone optimization for performance and health.   
     Anti Aging Clinics are popping up all over, yet are most undervalued and overlooked for their benefits to athletes who may utilize hormone replacement therapy. HRT for athletes can help optimize health to improve athletic ability and performance..We're not talking about steroids, but an actual anti-aging doctor and HRT clinic that can help test, diagnose and treat health and hormone disorders and imbalances that can improve an athletes ability to perform at their potential best. Most anti-aging centers use a variety of alternative medicine treatments which help improve health and appearance and improve health to keep people healthier for longer. 

platelet rich plasma and TRT at NovaGenix in Palm Beach in Jupiter

Testosterone replacement For Athletic Performance

As men age, their testosterone levels start to naturally decline and as a result, their athletic performance also starts to falter. That's not to say that older athletes can no longer be competitive, but obviously both male and females reach their physical peak when they're younger. The benefits that testosterone therapy has for athletes is that it helps men and even women recover faster, build muscle, burn fat and perform at a higher level. TRT is not considered a performance-enhancing dose, as therapeutic prescriptions are at most 210mg a week where performance-enhancing cycles typically start at 3X that amount. TRT has many health benefits for men which include strengthing muscle and bone and protecting the heart. TRT also helps men improve their sleep quality and this will improve mood, focus, energy levels, recovery and overall health and performance.  Its recommended that you carefully monitor your hormone levels when starting TRT so that you can keep your hormones balanced and at optimal levels in order to gain maximum benefits from testosterone therapy. A qualified and experience HRT physician will help a patient understand what's going on in their body. BE CAREFUL! There are many clinics that have inexperienced doctors and staff with limited knowledge and qualifications. Mant clinics use Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners instead of medical doctors. Ask who their medical director is and what experience that they actually have. Why trust your health to an individual with limited knowledge and ecperience?Ask what TYPE of doctor that you'll be seeing and what their qualifications are, as they'll be responsible for your health and wellness.

So what does Low T do in men?

  1. Decreases muscle mass
  2. Increased body fat
  3. Possibly causes depression
  4. Interferes with sleep quality
  5. Lowers bone density
  6. A decline of sex drive
  7. Increase in stress hormones like cortisol
  8. Interferes with mental acuity and focus

Anti Aging and HRT at NovaGenix TRT clinic and PRP injections

How can anti-aging clinics help pain and injuries?

PRP or platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapy can help patients with chronic pain and or acute sports injuries. Platelet Rich Plasma, an exciting branch of medicine that some clinics are starting to utilize, which can help a person/athlete to heal and recover from chronic pain and/or sports injuries involving the tendons, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, nerves, and many other body systems. PRP injections and stem cell treatments are safe, non-surgical and effective procedures that use no drugs. With Platelet Rich Plasma injections in Jupiter, Florida, the patient’s blood and specifically the platelets are the healing agents, which make it not only safer but an optimal form of healing for athletes and ordinary people as well as anyone hoping to recover faster from ailments and injuries. 

Call NovaGenix at 561-277-8260 to learn more about the BEST Anti Aging Clinic in Jupiter and Palm Beach!

Palm Beach BHRT and TRT experts and hormone therapy and anti aging

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Doctors who perform PRP injections near me

Platelet Rich Plasma injections for BJJ fighters. Recover from Sports in juries with PRP

PRP Injection Therapy. How a Clinic in Jupiter, Florida is changing the way submission fighters recover from injury.

NovaGenix PRP therapy in Jupiter, Florida for sport injuries

Injuries from BJJ

PRP, or Platelet RichPlasma is a procedure that many Jiu Jitsu fighters are using to heal from injuries sustained on the mats. BJJ athletes suffer from sprains, tears, bruises, pull ad breaks. PRP is a therapy option that has helped many fighters get back to training without surgery. In Palm Beach County, Florida, NovaGenix has been helping BJJ and MMA fighters recover from sports injuries with Plasma injection in their Jupiter, Clinic. So, what is PRP?
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a relatively new form of treatment in the United States for the dealing with several different orthopedic issues. Managing sport injuries is particularly an area of interest and expertise for NovaGenix, and anti-aging and sports injury center located in Jupiter, Florida. Contained within the blood are various cells including red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and the most important for injury repair, the platelets. These are the major components of blood, yet it’s the platelets that are the stars of the show. Platelets are small blood cells, most known for clotting that also contain granules that are responsible for clotting and the growth factors that get released after they come into contact with damaged tissues during the process of cellular regeneration during healing. Once the platelets become activated, they accelerate the healing process and the process of inflammation, which is the body’s way of sending nutrients and growth factors into an area naturally to start healing. With PRP at NovaGenix, we concentrate the number of platelets into an area, which speeds up the rate that the body will repair itself. Platelets usually have a lifespan from anywhere between a week to ten days before new platelets get synthesized and recirculated into the blood stream.
Platelet Rich Plasma injection in Palm BEach County Florida for Jiu Jitsu and Sports injuries

Typically, blood has a composition of anywhere between 5-7% platelet concentration. PRP can double and triple the number of platelets, which when re-introduced into an area of injury, will help a patient recovery in a fraction of the time. When an athlete gets injured, platelet rich plasma injections can potentially heal an injury with a success rate of over 70%. Factors, such as age, health and time after injury that PRP is introduced may influence the success rate as well as the preparation of the PRP sample itself. Because of the fact that there so many different ways that physicians may prepare and introduce platelet rich plasma as a modality of treatment, it has been delayed in its introduction and FDA approval in the U.S., however the positive results from trials and therapy has opened up regulations and turned this into a popular alternative to surgery. After PRP, it usually takes a few weeks to notice the effects and up to 4-6 weeks for the totality of the results to be fully understood.

PRP at NovaGenix, in Jupiter Florida to treat chronic injuries

PRP Procedures for BJJ

After your initial consultation, we have you come in well hydrated and not having had anti-inflammatory medications like Advil or Aleve, for at least a week prior. Our doctor or phlebotomist may draw 3-6 test tubes of blood, depending upon the procedure and will ten spin the blood in a centrifuge. The spinning will separate the blood into the layers and then he will extract the Platelet Rich Plasma portion of the blood. After, he will use a local anesthetic to help with the pain from injections, and will then inject the PRP sample back into the area of injury. The process is quick and relatively painless. We ask that you refrain from training for about 72 hours to let the PRP do its work and begin the process of healing. PRP knee injections have been very successful as well as PRP for neck and back pain.
Risks and side effects are extremely rare but could include possible infection at the injection site, injury to a nerve or blood vessel from the needle and possible development of scar tissue, yet these rarely occur. Since you’re using your own blood and no medication, the risks are so rare that it makes PRP one of the safest medical procedures available.
To learn more about PRP for BJJ fighters, call NovaGenix at 561-277-8260. They’re located at 609 N.Hepburn Ave, Jupiter, FL. 33458 Email them at for any questions that you may have and check them out on the web here.

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From designing the best custom cabinets in Jupiter, Florida to BJJ Nationals... Jupiter Mill Works DJ on the mats

A 3rd generation custom cabinetry maker and high-end wood worker in Jupiter, Florida turned submission fighter designs custom deigned kitchen and bathroom cabinets by day and taps people out at night.

The 3rd generation wood worker from Jupiter Mill Works talks parallels between jiu jitsu and custom pieces designed in his family owned and operated shop in Palm Beach County.

kitchen cabinets are a part of his life. His family owns and operates Jupiter Mill Works at 144 Jupiter St. Jupiter, FL 33458, The oldest custom cabinetry shop in Jupiter, they've been making cabinets for over 50 years, He had been making custom cabinets with his father and grandfather for as long as he can remember, They do it all...custom closets, wall units, custom wood work all in the heart of Jupiter, 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jupiter mill works is what he does by day but at night he puts on the Gi and fights. Having training in Jiu-Jitsu for years, DJ is a high level purple belt who has both competed and taught BJJ in South Florida.

 I first met DJ when I did a quick search for "custom cabinets near me" online as I needed storage for the gym, I walked in and saw him designing a fancy kitchen cabinet set and he stoped building high end wood work and we spoke. When I told him about what I wanted he asked about Jiu Jitsu classes and never looked back, I went from having looked for custom cabinets online to gaining a new submission grappler, 

So by day he designs custom cabinets bathroom and kitchen shelving and more and by night he helps teach kids and adults the gentle art, All of the gyms cabinetry custom designed has Jupiter Mill Works to thank and all of the kids can thank him for teaching them the basics of Gracie BJJ, So how does one go from being a professional cabinet makers by day to a killer on the mats at night?,

He says that the methods of flowing in BJJ is alot like high end wood work, patient and precision. If you're an inch off, all can be lost and you need to start over.custom cabinet designs require focus and technical knowledge, custom kitchen cabinetry may seem like a stretch when cmparing itself to BJJ, but the resolve remails the same, I never thought I'd compare BJJ to quality custom cabinets, but now quality kitchen cabinetry makes sense to me all due to meeting a custom cabinet builder from Jupiter, Florida. Who knows if DJ will ever become a black belt in Jiu Jitsu but as a  custom kitchen cabinet builder,, he's a 4th degree black belt for sure!

144 Jupiter St. Jupiter, FL. 33458

Fully Custom designed cabinetry and all units made just as you want to fit your home and style.
You're unique and your home should be too!  Don't settle for cheap designs that can be found in thousands of homes across the country when you can create one-of-a-kind masterpieces with our artists that will NEVER be recreated again!  Jupiter Millworks Inc. can turn your dreams into reality and will work with you or your personal designers every step of the way to make sure you get a truly unique piece down to the smallest details.

More About Jupiter Millworks Inc

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Dissecting A Fake Black Belt: Jiu Jitsu Radio Blog

Fake Black Best Exposed...BJJ Karma

Our Friend Alexis Terrosa from Jiu Jitsu Radio, who did a great PodCast on us a While Back (Check Link Below)  Did a great blog post dissection a BJJ Black Belt. Give it a look as it's always pure entertainment! Also, look into his pd cast as he has some great episodes with some high levels athletes and BJ world camps, UFC fighters etc... We found the episode on PRP to be particularly good!

Here's the link to the Blog...We'll worth it!

And as always, you can always find us at NovaGenix...

Growth Hormone Therapy for Martial Artists Using Peptides like Ipamorelin

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