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Doctors who perform PRP injections near me

Platelet Rich Plasma injections for BJJ fighters. Recover from Sports in juries with PRP

PRP Injection Therapy. How a Clinic in Jupiter, Florida is changing the way submission fighters recover from injury.

NovaGenix PRP therapy in Jupiter, Florida for sport injuries

Injuries from BJJ

PRP, or Platelet RichPlasma is a procedure that many Jiu Jitsu fighters are using to heal from injuries sustained on the mats. BJJ athletes suffer from sprains, tears, bruises, pull ad breaks. PRP is a therapy option that has helped many fighters get back to training without surgery. In Palm Beach County, Florida, NovaGenix has been helping BJJ and MMA fighters recover from sports injuries with Plasma injection in their Jupiter, Clinic. So, what is PRP?
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a relatively new form of treatment in the United States for the dealing with several different orthopedic issues. Managing sport injuries is particularly an area of interest and expertise for NovaGenix, and anti-aging and sports injury center located in Jupiter, Florida. Contained within the blood are various cells including red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and the most important for injury repair, the platelets. These are the major components of blood, yet it’s the platelets that are the stars of the show. Platelets are small blood cells, most known for clotting that also contain granules that are responsible for clotting and the growth factors that get released after they come into contact with damaged tissues during the process of cellular regeneration during healing. Once the platelets become activated, they accelerate the healing process and the process of inflammation, which is the body’s way of sending nutrients and growth factors into an area naturally to start healing. With PRP at NovaGenix, we concentrate the number of platelets into an area, which speeds up the rate that the body will repair itself. Platelets usually have a lifespan from anywhere between a week to ten days before new platelets get synthesized and recirculated into the blood stream.
Platelet Rich Plasma injection in Palm BEach County Florida for Jiu Jitsu and Sports injuries

Typically, blood has a composition of anywhere between 5-7% platelet concentration. PRP can double and triple the number of platelets, which when re-introduced into an area of injury, will help a patient recovery in a fraction of the time. When an athlete gets injured, platelet rich plasma injections can potentially heal an injury with a success rate of over 70%. Factors, such as age, health and time after injury that PRP is introduced may influence the success rate as well as the preparation of the PRP sample itself. Because of the fact that there so many different ways that physicians may prepare and introduce platelet rich plasma as a modality of treatment, it has been delayed in its introduction and FDA approval in the U.S., however the positive results from trials and therapy has opened up regulations and turned this into a popular alternative to surgery. After PRP, it usually takes a few weeks to notice the effects and up to 4-6 weeks for the totality of the results to be fully understood.

PRP at NovaGenix, in Jupiter Florida to treat chronic injuries

PRP Procedures for BJJ

After your initial consultation, we have you come in well hydrated and not having had anti-inflammatory medications like Advil or Aleve, for at least a week prior. Our doctor or phlebotomist may draw 3-6 test tubes of blood, depending upon the procedure and will ten spin the blood in a centrifuge. The spinning will separate the blood into the layers and then he will extract the Platelet Rich Plasma portion of the blood. After, he will use a local anesthetic to help with the pain from injections, and will then inject the PRP sample back into the area of injury. The process is quick and relatively painless. We ask that you refrain from training for about 72 hours to let the PRP do its work and begin the process of healing. PRP knee injections have been very successful as well as PRP for neck and back pain.
Risks and side effects are extremely rare but could include possible infection at the injection site, injury to a nerve or blood vessel from the needle and possible development of scar tissue, yet these rarely occur. Since you’re using your own blood and no medication, the risks are so rare that it makes PRP one of the safest medical procedures available.
To learn more about PRP for BJJ fighters, call NovaGenix at 561-277-8260. They’re located at 609 N.Hepburn Ave, Jupiter, FL. 33458 Email them at for any questions that you may have and check them out on the web here.


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