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Platelet Rich Plasma Discussion on the Fight Strength Podcast with NovaGenix Co-Founder Tm Bruce in Jupiter, Florida.

Platelet Rich Plasma and MMA: Fight Strength Podcast: Episode 36 with NovaGenix Co-Founder Tim Bruce

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This past week I had the pleasure of being on the fight strength podcast with Paulie Gloves and Jason Burgos. We discussed platelet rich plasma therapy and how professional martial artists and fighters can benefit from utilizing their own cells to accelerate the process of healing. At NovaGenix in Jupiter Florida, we have been healing patients and utilizing PRP for a while now and understand the benefits and the process involved in the preparation of a patients blood and the rate of healing that most people can expect. We’re opening up a clinic in Broward County off of Oakland Park Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale which will be able to better serve South Florida’s population of athletes and MMA fighters.

PRPdiscussion on Fight Strength Podcast 36 with Tim Bruce on Platelet Rich Plasma

 PRP is an interesting area of medicine and you USADA approved for getting athletes back to pre-injury condition. In the podcast, we talk about PRP and it’s many benefits as well as some of the challenges regarding educating the public as to what they can expect from the procedure. We also discussed stem cell therapy which is another area of medicine that we practice. It’s being utilized not just for orthopedic, the cute sports injuries and chronic pain but also for cosmetic procedures such as for hair loss and facial rejuvenation. Learn more about PRP and stem cell therapy here and learn more about NovaGenix Jupiter and NovaGenix Fort Lauderdale by clicking the following links.
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